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Anlamlari Yok Bİyorum Zaten Anlamlarini Kendİnde Gİzlİ 😉

When Im Alone,lying In My Bed All Sorts Of Things Come
Into My Head Like Why Do I Love U As Much As I Do The I Realise Its Because You Are You!*

I Love You More Today Than I Did Yesterday, But Not As Much As I Will Tomorow…*

In My Dreams I Dream Of You Of All The Things That We Could Do, An In My Heart I Yearn For More Of The Sweetest Person Who I Adore, But Most Of All The Things I Miss Is Giving U A Goodnite Kiss*

You Can Fall From A Mountain, U Can Fall From A Tree, But The Best Way To Fall, Is In Love Wid Me.*

Love Is Like The Wind, You Can’t See It, But You Can Feel It.*

To The World You Are One Person But To Me U Are The World!*

Baby I Love You, And Everything You Do…if Anything Ever Happened, Ill Always Be There To Comfort U Thru!*

This Rose Will Never Fade And Will Last 4ever Just Like My Love For U!*

Yorum Mİllet
I Wish I Woz A Teddy Bear Which Lay Upon Ur Bed So Evrytime U Cuddled It U Cuddled Me Instead…*

If I Got A Pound For Every Time I Looked At U I Would Be A Billionaire By Now.*

I’v Got Your Back And You’ve Got Mine, Ill Help You Out Anytime, To See You Hurt To See You Cry, Makes Me Weep N Wonna Die, Ill Be Right Here Till The End Cuz Ur My Love N My Bestfriend.*

If I Could Re-arrange The Alphabet:id Put U And I Together!!*

I Love You, You Love Me, In My Heart You’ll Alwayz Be, Here Or There, Near Or Far My Love Will Be Wherever You Are!*

Lying Awake Alone In Bed I Think Of U And Hug My Pillow Instead. I Miss U Wid All My Heart And Soul 4ever.*

Everyone Says You Only Ever Fall In Love Once But Thats Not True Cuz Every Time I Hear Your Voice I Fall In Love All Over Again.*

There Is A Place Within My Heart That Only You Can Fill. You Had My Love Right From The Start And I Know You Always Will!*

Ilove You, I Love You, I Love You Almighty, I Wish Ur Pyjamas Were Next To My Nighty! Dont Be Mistaken, Dont Be Misled, I Ment On The Clthes Line, Not In The Bed!!*

If I Cud Be Anything I Wud B Ur Tears!so That I Cud B Born In Ur Eyes,live Down Ur Cheeks And Die On Ur Lips!*

If I Planted A Flower For Every Time I Thought Of U My Garden Would Bloom 4eva!*

You Can Close Your Eyes To Things You Dont Want To See, But You Can’t Close Your Heart To Things You Dont Want To Feel.*

On A Silent Nite When Friends R Few, I Close My Eyes N Think Of U, A Silent Nite, A Silent Tear, A Silent Wish U Were Here!*

4give My Eyes 4 Admiring U. U Stole My Heart The Moment I Saw U Call Me Crazy, Call Me Insane Each Time My Heart Beats It Mentions Ur Name.*

If A Kiss Was A Rain Drop,id Send U Showers.if A Hug Was A Second,id Send U Hours.if A Smile Was Water,id Send U The Sea.if Love Was A Person,id Semd U Me!*

Someone,sumwhere Dreams Of Your Smile, When Thinkin Of You, Knows Life Is Worth While, So When Your Lonely, Remember Its True, That Someone Sumwhere Is Thinking Of You!*

A Girl And A Guy Can Be Just Friends, But At One Point Or Another They Will Fall For Each Other..maybe Temporarily, Maybe At The Wrong Time, Maybe Too Late, Or Maybe Forever…*

God Is So Wise That He Never Created Friends With Pricetags,because If He Had ,i Could Never Have Afforded A Precious Angel Like You!*

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Theres A Space In My Heart Especially For You.*

Are You A Mum? I Am Not A Dad! Maybe You Could Help Me With That!*

Another Month, Another Yr, Another Smile, Another Tear Another Winter A Summer 2……. But There Will Neva B Another U*

Ia Asked God For A Flower, He Sent Me A Tree. I Asked God For A Tree, He Sent Me A Forest. I Aksed God For A Gorgeous Guy, He Sent Me Your Number*

Ur Legs Mustb Really Tired Coz U Ave Been Runnin Through My Mind All Day*

Friends R Angels That Come From Above, They’r Sent Our Way As Gifts Of Luv, So If Ur Down & Cant Fink Wot 2 Do, Always Remember I’ll B There 4 U!*

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T V W X Y Z ‘oopz Imiss U’*

If My Heart Was The Size Of The Universe, It Still Would Not Be Big Enough To Hold The Love I Have For U!*

I Wrote Ur Name In The Sand But It Got Washed Away,i Wrote Ur Name In Da Sky But It Got Blown Away, I Wrote Ur Name In My Heart Where It Will Stay*

I Cnt Txt U Roses,nor Fax U My Heart, Id Email U Kisses But Wed Still B Apart,i Luv U 2bits Just Wish U Culd C,i Care 4 U So Much U Mean Da World 2 Me*

It’s True Luv That Bonds People Together, My Luv For U Will Last Forever, I’m Not Askin For A Date Dinner Or Dine, All Im Askin Is For U 2 B Mine !!*

A Silent Look, A Crystal Tear, A Simple Wish That U Were Here, In My Arms Where U Belong, If Only I Could Hold U All Night Long !*

Y Do We Close Our Eyes Wen We Sleep? Wen We Dream? Wen We Kiss? Its Becoz Da Most Special Things In Life R Unseen…wen I Close My Eyes I See You.*

Smile If U Arnt Wearin Any Underwear….dint Think U Were!*

God In Heaven, God Above, Please Protect The Friend I Love. Sent With A Smile,sealed With A Kiss, I Love My Friend Who’s Reading This.*

Ive Seen Angels In The Sky,ive Seen Snow Fall In July.i Have Seen Things U Only Imagine 2 C Or Do But Still Saw Nothin Sweeter Than U*

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight Or Do I Have To Walk By Again ?*

U R An Angel Sent From Above, Sent By God 4 Me To Love. So When Ur Lonely, Sad And Blue Remember I Am There 4 You

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