Slaytı Video Yapma

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Slaytı Video Yapma

Arkadaşlar Bu Programla PPT Uzantılı PowerPoint Slayt Dosyalarınızı Mpeg-1 ve Mpeg-2 Formatlarına yüksek Kalitede Çevirerek Dvd Hazırlayabilirsiniz.

One of the most common questions people asked when creating a engaging PowerPoint presentation is: How to share these PowerPoint slides with those who don’t have a PowerPoint viewer or even not a computer. Wondershare PPT2DVD( Formerly PowerPoint2DVD)was the first and so far the top Windows® compliant application that complement MS PowerPoint with its innovative PowerPoint to DVD conversion ability, and won tons of users and praise.
Let’s dig into the facts to see what do people benefit from PPT2DVD:
* ” It’s the real PowerPoint to DVD solution! “
One of the users of PPT2DVD’s said. Unlike similar product that produce a video copy of the PowerPoint show by recording the screen activities. PPT2DVD remains the structure of the source presentation, generates the DVD menu to navigate user, and enables you to play the presentation with a remote control.
* Superior MPEG Encoding ability and batch processing.
Convert PowerPoint content to high-quality MPEG(MPEG-1,MPEG-2) movie, which can be played on the computer continuously without a manual control. Up to 8 presentations can be imported and processed at a time.
* Never lose the power of the source PowerPoint documents
The produced Video copy accurately retains the animations, transitions, audio tracks, video clips, action buttons, internal links and the like you’ve added in the presentation.
* Customize the video production with flexible options.
Select video aspect ratio from 4:3 and 16:9 to fit the screen, or define a specific display resolution for the final output. Automatically adopt the optimal settings to get the highest video quality.
* Powerful Audio Capability
Record your own voice narration to the converted movie to guide your audience. Select background music to the DVD menu from the hard disc or add an audio track to be accompanied with a specified animation.

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ArkadaşLar Xp ve Vista’da Rahatca kuLLanaßiLeceğiniz ProShow GoLd SLayt Video yapma Programı Dosyanın içine Video anLatım ve Örnek video EkLEdim.ßir Teşekkürü Çok görmeyin (:

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