Zigzauer Gun

Zigzauer Gun Silah - Bu makaledeki notlar: pistolet 9mm zigzauer gun silah zigzauer..

Muhteşem Silah Koleksiyonu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glock 17 – basic model (9mm)

Glock 18 – select-fire model (9mm).

Glock 19 – semi-compact model (9mm)

Glock 26 – compact model (9mm)

Steyr GB

Steyr M

Steyr M-1A in .40SW caliber

Steyr M-1A in 9mm caliber

Steyr M-1A in 9mm caliber with laser pointer.


Bersa Thunder Nine (caliber 9x19mm Luger)

Bersa Thunder-mini 9mm

Bersa Thunder-380

Bersa Thunder-380 deluxe

FN – Browning M1900

FN – Browning M 1903

Browning model 1910

Browning model 1922

Browning High Power made by FN (model 1935)

Browning High Power made by Inglis of Canada in 1944

Browning High Power Mk. III – modern military

Browning High Power – modern commercial version

Browning BDA 380 Crom

Browning BDA 380

FN HP-DA (Browning Double Action) – early model

FN HP-DA / Browning BDA9

FN HP-DAO / Browning BDAO

FN HP-DAO Compact / Browning BDAO Compact

Browning BDM


FN Forty-Nine

Military-style FNP-9

Browning PRO-9

Taurus PT 92

Taurus PT 99

Taurus PT 92 C

Taurus PT 100

Taurus PT940

Taurus PT945

9mm Taurus PT 111

45 ACP Taurus PT 145

Taurus 24/7

Arcus 94

Arcus 98 DA

Type 64 silenced

Type 67 silenced

Type 77

Type 80 machine


QSZ-92 with laser pointer




CZ 83

CZ 75

CZ 75B



CZ 75 Automatic

CZ 75B Compact

CZ 75 P-01


CZ-85B Combat

CZ97B pistol

CZ 100

CZ 110 9 mm Luger

CZ-G 2000


Para-Ordnance P18-9 pistol, caliber 9mm Luger / Parabellum

Basic Para-Ordnance P14-45 pistol, caliber .45ACP

Basic Para-Ordnance P14-45 LDA pistol, caliber .45ACP, with DAO-type LDA trigger

Compact P10-45 pistol, caliber .45ACP

9mm HS2000

Springfield eXtreme Duty / XD pistol, caliber 9mm

Springfield eXtreme Duty / XD Tactical pistol with 5 inch barrel, caliber .40S&W

Springfield eXtreme Duty / XD Sub-compact

Lahti M-35 – Finnish military model

Husqvarna M/40 – Swedish military model

Mle. 1935A

Mle. 1935S

MAS mle. 1950

Mauser C-96

Mauser C-96 model of 1908

Mauser C-96

Mauser C-96 “Bolo”

Mauser C-96 model 712

Mauser 1910

Mauser 1914

Mauser 1934

Mauser HSc

Mauser M2

Luger ‘Parabellum’ P-08

Commercial Parabellum in 7.65mm Luger/Para

Commercial Parabellum carbine in 7.65mm Luger/Para with additional grip safety

HK-4 pistol

VP 70Z –

VP 70M – Military version

Heckler-Koch P7 PSP




HK P9S Sport


HK USP in .40SW – basic version

HK USP in .45ACP

HK USP .45 Tactical

HK USP Compact .45ACP

Mk.23 mod.


Heckler und Koch P2000

HK P3000

HK P30

Heckler-Koch Ultimate Combat Pistol – early prototype (2003)

the same 2003 HK UCP prototype, with M6 tactical light / laser pointer mounted on the frame, and B&T suppressor

HK UCP prototype, 2004. Note grip with removable (adjustable) backstrap, as well as manual controls (slide stop and safety)

Sauer 38H

Walther P38

Walther PP

Walther PPK,

Walther PP Super

Walther P5

Walther P5 Compact

Walther P5 with long barrel

Walther P88

Walther P88 Compact

Walther P99


Korth pistol with long barrel

9mm Korriphila pistol with 127mm / 5″ barrel

45ACP Korriphila pistol with 102mm / 4″ barrel

Korriphila Odin’s Eye pistol, made from Damascus steel, with custom grip panels

Almanya / İsviçre
Early SIG-Sauer P220 pistol in 9mm. It is same as Swiss service Pistole 75, and has a bottom magazine release

Early SIG-Sauer P220 pistol in 9mm, right side view

SIG-Sauer P220 pistol in .45ACP, with “American” style magazine release at the left side of the grip

Recent production SIG-Sauer .45ACP P220 pistol with semi-custom “Equinox” finish and accessory rail

SIG-Sauer P225

Original (early production) SIG-Sauer P226 pistol in 9mm, with stamped slide

Original (early production) SIG-Sauer P226 pistol in 9mm, with stamped slide

Current production SIG-Sauer P226 pistol in .40SW, with machined slide. Note slight difference in the slide shape compared to older model

SIG-Sauer P226 “tactical” of recent manufacture, with Picatinny-type accessory rail and extended barrel, threaded for use with sound suppressor (sliencer)

SIG-Sauer P228

SIG-Sauer P229

SIG-Sauer P229 pistol with accessory rail and DAO trigger (no decocking lever)

SIG-Sauer P239

P-230 – early production 9mm model

P-230 with aftermarket grip panels

P-232 in 9mm – a currently produced pistol

SIG-Sauer SIG Pro 2340 in .40SW caliber (9mm SP 2009 pistol looks exactly the same except for the markings)

SIG-Sauer SIG Pro SP 2022 pistol, developed for French police and gendarmerie forces.

SIG-Sauer P245 pistol

SIG-Sauer P250 DCc pistol


FEG FP9 pistol; the only difference from P9M is the ventilated rib at the top of the slide

Early production FEG P9R pistol

FEG P9RK (short barrel version), current manufacture

Benelli B76

Benelli B76 Sport

Beretta model 81, 7.65mm

Beretta model 85FS, 9mm Short

Beretta model 86, 9mm Short, tip-up barrel

Beretta model 86, 9mm Short, tip-up barrel is opened

Beretta model 87 “target”, .22LR, extended barrel version

Beretta model 89, .22LR

Beretta M 1951

Beretta M1951R (select-fire)

Beretta M1951R (select-fire) with forward handle attached. Fire selector is seen just behind and above the trigger

Beretta 92 – basic model with frame mounted safety

Beretta 92S – model with early style slide mounted safety and magazine release. Pachmayr grips.

Beretta 92SB-C – compact model .

Beretta 92SB – with slide mounted safety and plastic grip panels

Beretta 92FS Inox (stainless steel)

Beretta 92FS Brigadier – with heavy slide

Beretta 92FS Elite – with heavy but slightly shortened slide

Beretta 92FS-C – Compact

Beretta 92 Vertec with modified grip and integral accessory rail under the barrel

Beretta 90two – latest variant with restyled slide, interchangeable modular grip panels, and protective cover installed over integral accessory rail under the barrel

Beretta 93R pistol, with front grip unfolded

Beretta 93R pistol, with front grip unfolded and shoulder stock attached

Beretta Cougar 8045 in .45ACP

Beretta Cougar 8040 mini in .40S&W

Beretta 9000S

Beretta PX4 pistol

Bernardelli P-018

Tanfoglio “Standart” (shown here with EAA Corp, USA import marks)

Tanfoglio “Combat”

Tanfoglio “Compact”

Tanfoglio “Custom Hybrid”

Tanfoglio “Force”

Tanfoglio “Force 99” with optional slide shown below with slide mounted safety/decocker

Tanfoglio “Force 99 Carry” – compact version of the Force 99

full-size Jericho 941 pistol with slide-mounted safety/decocker

full-size Jericho 941 pistol with frame mounted safety, marked as “Uzi Eagle”

full-size Jericho 941 pistol with slide mounted safety-decocker, marked as “Desert Eagle”

semi-compact Jericho 941 pistol

compact Jericho 941 pistol with steel frame

compact Jericho 941 pistol with polymer frame

IMI / IWI SP-21 Barak pistol

original Eagle 357 pistol, circa 1982

Desert Eagle mark VII pistol, caliber .44 Magnum

Current production Desert Eagle Mark XIX, caliber .50AE

Nambu Type “A” pistol, also known as Type 04. A predescessor to the Type 14. Note automated grip safety under the triggerguard and a range ajustable rear sights, which disappear from design in the Type 14

Nambu Type 14 pistol

Nambu Type 14 pistol, with bolt fully retracted

Nambu Type 14 pistol, late production, with enlarged triggerguard and magazine retention spring


Viper JAWS

Kuzey Kore
Type 68

Güney Kore
Daewoo DP-51


Vis wz35



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